4 Wire Ignition Switch Diagram ATV- Covered Everything!

Got into trouble with the engine of your car? Maybe you got familiar with the ignition switch mechanism a bit before? But various wires joining different places might keep you in the puzzle.

Don’t worry! We can understand your dilemma. In this guide, we cover a lot of things regarding this ignition switch diagram ATV

So, how does 4 wire ignition switch diagram ATV work?

You will find accessories, a starter, ignition, and battery wires. The accessory wire joins the battery to the electrical accessories. The car gets started with the combustion process at the starter point. The ignition wire turns the fuel pump on while the battery wire connects the ignition coil.

That’s not all about this topic. We still remain talking about these things in detail. So, let’s get going!

What Is an Ignition Switch?

ATV Ignition Switch

First of all, let’s understand what an ignition switch is! An ignition switch is a piece of the automotive engine regulating the spark plugs

Along with that, this is the mastermind behind successfully starting the engine of your car!

In the meantime, you will find this switch appearing in a 4 wiring design. Inside of this, two terminals along with two armatures exist. So, what happens when you turn the key activated?

From then, the current basically starts traveling all the way through these armatures. Along with that, getting sparks at the plug comes into the picture due to this procedure. 

4 Wire Ignition Switch Diagram ATV: Explained!

4 wire ignition switch diagram atv

Generally, you will find four different variants from each other among the wires. White, black, red, and green wires are available running from the ignition switch to the engine.

And, this is considered the standard ignition switch formation. If you go through the picture, 4 marks are visible, right?

In the meantime, these all marks point the terminals out. While three terminals are situated in the circle, the fourth one shares the middle part.

Some cases might come with more than 4 connection points while extras won’t be used usually.

The four wires ignition switch in the picture proceeding to the switch are given below-

1RedAccessories or “ACC”
2GreenStarter or “ST”
3YellowIgnition or “IGN”
4BlueBattery or “BAT”

Till now, you just get the identity of each point. But what about their nature and work mechanism? Well, we are moving towards that!

Terminal 1: Accessory

In this mode, you need to connect the battery to the electrical accessories of your car. 

At the moment, the engine might stay off. But still, you can access comfort from the car. So, keeping you in comfort in this mode is highly possible.

This might include a multimedia system or maybe a radio. Along with that, from power windows to even heated seats- everything is on this list. Loads of work you can acquire, right?

But here’s a setback signal-

Leaving your car in this mode for so long can settle bad impacts. Draining the battery faster is the key setback.

Terminal 2: Starter

This is the point where your car will get to start. In the meantime, generating a tremendous amount of voltage can be visible here.

As a result, you see the combustion process of the fuel-air combination ongoing in the engine.

Finding the engine running fully? Then, you might see the switch bumping the key. As a result, it will lead back to the ON position, therefore turning off the starter.

Terminal 3: Ignition

This is the default condition for the engine’s switch. Also, it stops the key from being withdrawn in this position.

This position is basically responsible for switching on all of the electrical systems. And, it’s quite self-defining by the title, right?

This includes interior accessories. Along with that, you will find it preparing the engine with the prey to ignite. However, it might have a role in turning the fuel pump on.

As a result, the circulation of gasoline or even diesel into the engine will be activated!

Terminal 4: Battery

In this terminal, the primary winding gets attached to the battery. It generally passes through a current-limiting ballast resistor.

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You will find each end of the winding attached to the ignition coil. At the same time, the common point gets driven to the contact breaker junction.

How to Wire a 4 Wire Ignition Switch ATV?

Wiring Ignition Switch

Understanding each wire’s position and where it goes makes your half job done. But how the process is being done is still a concern, doesn’t it?

Let’s make this process simpler and easy to understand for you. We will break down things into several points.

But wait! Keep in mind the battery even before starting to attach the wiring! Turning this off initially can keep work safer and prevent all sorts of accidental engine moves.

Steps for wiring the ignition switch are given below-

  • Detach the battery cables.
  • Key insertion is required into the switch so that it stays in the off position.
  • Extract the key and bring the switch near the wires.
  • Now, join the yellow battery wire to the “BAT” terminal at the bottom.
  • Then, hook the red accessory wire with the “ACC” terminal.
  • Connect the ignition wire to the “IGN” terminal.
  • And then, connect the green starter wire to the “ST” terminal in the center.
  • Now, it’s time to re-join the battery cables and see whether any odd occurs or not.
  • Finally, test the ignition switch and start the engine.

That’s everything! The wiring to the ignition switch of your car’s engine is successfully executed.


How Can I Bypass The Ignition Switch On An ATV?

Enable kick start first. Then, hot wiring of the ATV is required. It will change the wires to avoid the ignition switch. Now, you need to scatter the ignition so that manual triggering is possible. Finally, replace the ignition switch on the ATV. In this method, you require scissors or screwdrivers.

How Can I Start My ATV Without A Key?

You can do this by simply detaching the ignition switch from the electric box or CDI. It will lead to starting the engine without requiring any key inserted there. And, no kick start will be required if your engine gets a good pace. Nowadays, quads being constructed do not allow this functionality. 

What Are The Four Terminals In The Ignition Key Switch?

The terminals are “BATT” or Battery, “ST” or Start, “IGN” or Ignition. And the last one is “ACC” or Accessories. Meanwhile, getting confirmation regarding these terminals from the car repair manual is crucial. However, most cars do not set up like this. But mostly, you will discover four terminals.

Final Words

Now you know how a 4 wire ignition switch diagram ATV works. We have tried to portray the diagram and the whole process clearer to you. 

Hopefully, you can install one easily the next time. Got anything in your head? Feel free to share with us!

That’s all for today! 

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