Can-am Maverick Starter Solenoid Location- All Need To Know!

Following the positive battery cable, you can locate the starter solenoid on your Can-am Maverick. The starter solenoid is situated along the wiring harness underneath the battery. It is almost always coupled to the starter motor, which is mounted to the engine

If you are not already familiar with a starter solenoid, it essentially serves to activate the starter motor located within the internal engine. Its principal role is acting as the activating coil of a contactor that links the battery to the starter motor. It is also known as a solenoid switch. 

Finding the starter solenoid can be challenging without a visual example. So having a Can-Am Maverick starter solenoid location diagram will come in handy, and we’ve included one in this post.

How To Locate The Starter Solenoid In Can-am Maverick

Starter Solenoid In Can-am Maverick

Here is a simplified guide on locating a starter solenoid.

Step 1Open the front panel of the Can-am Maverick.
Step 2Locate your battery and the positive cable connected to it.
Step 3 The positive cable will lead you directly to the starter motor.
Step 4 There is a smaller cylinder attached to the starter motor. That is the starter solenoid. It has three terminals; the start, battery, and motor terminal.

The Can-am Maverick Starter Solenoid Location Diagram

A starting solenoid is a switch that enables low-current switches to activate high-current starter motors. It controls a high amp load with a low amp. 

The lower half of the solenoid is frequently gold or silver in hue. However, this may not be obvious at first. A rubber cap is often used to cover and protect the solenoid’s body. Almost always, this cap is black. There are two larger wires and two smaller wires on the solenoid

The larger wires are connected to the high amp load, and the smaller wires are connected to the low amp switch. There are two connections for input and output, which are used to transfer high currents.

A magnetic coil controls the connections for both contacts. The solenoid’s output terminal is connected to the starter motor, which must continue to rotate for the engine to crank. Now that you are familiar with a starter solenoid let’s look at a visual diagram of where it is located.

Terminals On The Can-am Maverick Starter Solenoid

Here is a diagram of the terminals on a starter solenoid.

A starter solenoid typically has three terminals: the S terminal, the B terminal, and the M terminal. 

  • S (Start) – This is the terminal powered by the ignition switch. It is connected to the high current power cell for energy receipt.
  • B (Battery) – This terminal directly links the solenoid to the positive battery line. 
  • M (Motor) – This is the end of the cable that connects to the starter motor’s windings.

When the ignition switch is turned on, battery electricity is routed to solenoid terminal S via the starter relay. This voltage energizes the electromagnetic windings of the solenoid. The windings then generate a magnetic field that forces the plunger of the starter to push a disc against a set of contacts. 

These contacts connect to the “B” and “M” terminals of the solenoid. Once the two terminals are connected electrically, current can flow directly from the battery to the starter motor, cranking the engine.

Detailed Guide On How To Locate The Starter Solenoid’s Issues

ATV Starter Solenoid Location

We will expound on the simplified guide we discussed earlier with a detailed step-by-step guide on locating a starter solenoid. Also, we will look at common starter solenoid problems that might occur.

Step 1

Remove the can-am front panel. The panel extends down over the front grill; pull that portion forward and up to release it. Then raise it even higher. Slide your fingers to the middle of the panel, then use the opposite hand’s fingers to ascend the opposite side.

There are two tabs in the center that you will feel the pressure off, raise at the exact moment, and release; make sure you are as close to these tabs as possible before lifting the panel, then slide it out towards you.

Step 2

Locate the starter solenoid after removing the panel. Follow the positive cable to the starter motor. The starter solenoid is connected to the motor. Request that a friend starts the car by turning the ignition key.

If the solenoid works correctly, you will hear a clicking sound, once the ignition key turns and the starter motor will engage to start the engine. If there is no clicking sound, the solenoid may not be engaging sufficiently, or the battery is dead.

Step 3

Check the battery. To test your battery, use a voltmeter. Connect the voltmeter’s red lead to the battery’s positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. When the vehicle is at rest, the battery should measure around 12 volts. If you read a lower voltage, your battery has to be charged.

Step 4

Examine the starter solenoid fuse and if damaged, replace it. Also, check the wiring that connects the solenoid to the battery. You will need to change the wire if it is dirty or corroded. The other part that may indirectly affect the starter solenoid’s functionality is the alternator. 

It is worth mentioning that Can-am Maverick x3 has common issues with the alternator. The x3 alternator was not designed to power a stereo, lights, or other electrical components. 

When an alternator fails, the voltage to your engine becomes irregular. Therefore, it will be useless even if you have a well-functioning solenoid. Most x3 owners replace the alternator if they have any start-up problems.

Here are some signs of a bad starter solenoid, why they may occur, and quick fixes.

Spoilt Solenoid Signs Reasons / Causes How to fix
When the starter solenoid is turned on, it produces a clicking noise and does not spin.The connection between the solenoid and the starter motor is severed.

The starter solenoid is defective.

Rectify the connection between the starter motor and the solenoid.

Replace the starter solenoid.

The solenoid continuously transmits a clicking noise.The solenoid switch-holding coil remains stationary.Examine the holding coil for any damages or if it is stuck.
The ignition switch/start button is turned off, so the pinion gear cannot return to its previous position.The solenoid switch’s contact has burned out.

The moveable plunger disc and return spring are not retractable.

Check if the solenoid’s contacts are burnt and replace them.
The starter motor is making a lot of noise.The armature bushings in the front and rear have worn out. Replace the armature bushings.
The ignition switch/start button is turned off.The solenoid switch’s contacts have burned out.Replace the switch’s contacts.
The dash lights fade when you turn the ignition key to the START position.The battery is low in charge, resulting in insufficient power for the starter motor to spin the engine.Charge the battery and examine the alternator. 

A Video To Help You Out.

Here is a video showing how to locate a bad solenoid on an ATV, which includes Can-am Maverick.


Here are other related questions about the Can-am Maverick starter solenoid.

Why does Can-am Maverick need a starter solenoid?

A starter solenoid is required to enable low-current switches to activate high-current starter motors. 

How much is a Can-am Maverick starter solenoid?

A starter solenoid ranges from $16-$25.


The maverick starter solenoid is located underneath the battery; you can find it by simply following the positive battery cable. The starter solenoid has three main terminals. They are the battery, motor, and start terminal. The primary function of a starter solenoid is to allow low amp switches to activate high amp motors.

If you are having start-up issues, the most likely culprit is the starter solenoid. Ensure you replace it if it is defective. We hope you have an idea of what might be the problem with your automobile. However, contacting a professional to diagnose your ATV is never wrong.


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