7 Common Can-Am X3 Problems [Reasons+ Solution]

There are multiple drawbacks of A Can-Am x3 vehicle, such as transmission and shifting, uncomfortable door handles, and clutch issues. Also, damages to the radius rod and plate, braces, alternator, and transmission seal are widespread in a can am x3 car.

Nevertheless, Can-Am x3 is an excellent choice for advanced sports and versatile driving in all terrains. It also provides a lot of safety features which gives it better convenience. Yet, there are also those mentioned above Can-Am x3 problems that you need to know properly before buying one.

In this article, we discussed several common problems that you may face while using a Can-Am x3. We will try to enlighten you about the reasons behind those problems and their solution. So, if you are concerned, please keep reading the article.

A Table of Problems And Solutions of Can-Am X3

2021 can am X3 XRS

Bending of radius Rod
  • Change the old radius rod and use a ZRP Can-Am x3 high-clearance one
  •  Replace the old radius plate with a ZRP can-Am x3 radius rod plate
Damage in a brace of the shock tower
  • Uses a shock tower brace to reinforce your car’s top shocks
  • Replace your vehicle’s strut brace
Fluctuations of voltage
  • Replace the old alternator with a Can-Am x3 alternator
  • Take out the damaged and worn-out battery and install a new one
Damage to the transmission seal and belt
  • Stop using transmission seal protector
  • Install a Can-Am x3 seal protector
Belts blow frequently
Bearing issues on the wheel
  •  Fix your Can-Am x3 rear knuckles
  •  Replace your rear knuckles in such a way that it can aid 7200 lbs
Cracking noise of the Sway bar links
  • Cut out the sway bar links
  • You can also replace the old sway bar link with another better-quality sway bar link That one must provide an adjustable setup of the rod end

Reasons For Can-Am X3 Problems

Can-Am Maverick X3 problems

In the above section, we mentioned solutions to a few problems with this vehicle. But, before you can fix them, you need to have proper knowledge about the reasons behind those troubles. If you understand the causes well, it will be easier for you to understand the problems and solve them as well.

So we are going to talk about the reasons for the most common problems of Can-Am x3. Those are –

1. Bending of Radius Rod

Bending can cause severe damage or breaking of the radius rod, which can lead to serious accidents. Mainly, due to the low durability and clearance, you can crash or strike with rocks.

Besides, during shifting or spinning, the radius generates pressure on the radius rod. As a result, the bending of radius rods occurs.

2. Damage in the Brace of the Sock Tower

The primary function of a braces sock tower is to provide extra rigidness and stiffness between the unification points of two shock towers. That’s why, while trailing the can am x3, these braces go through a tremendous amount of pressure. This may cause breakage in the sock tower brace.

3. Fluctuations of Voltage

In this issue, you may face the over-functioning or under-functioning of the equipment. For example, lights may keep blinking or fading away after switching on.

alternator wiring diagram

Fluctuations of voltage mainly occur due to a bad alternator. Generally, an alternator adds up to 75 amps with the main supply line. When it gets damaged, the voltage reduces or increases. Increased current flows capable of producing string brunt smell like electrical firing.

4. Damage to the Transmission Seal and Belt

The transmission seal blocks the leakage of transmission fluid, and the belt helps in tracking the movement. Both of them work under high pressure and temperature. That’s why it’s very typical for them to wear out with time. However, this will create troubles with the shifting and transmission of the car.

5. Belts Blow Frequently

Accordingly, the belt drive clutch works under excessive load, which may cause a high amount of heat. Due to this increased level of heat, the belt keeps blowing quite frequently.

When the belt will blew, the engine of your can am x3 will start overheating. That is because the cooling system of the engine won’t also function without the moving belt. That’s why you need to fix this issue as soon as possible

Check out this Youtube video to learn more!

6. Bearing Issues on the Wheel

Front knuckles need 86000 lbs of torque while hauling, but the front knuckles can cop with 17000 lbs of torque. Indeed, those front knuckles encounter excess torque repeatedly than their tolerance level. That’s why bearing issues on the wheel occur.

Likewise, the damage to the bearing may induce excessive pressure on the CV joint, hub, and transmission. You better solve these problems as soon as you notice, otherwise it may cause unrepairable damage to the car.

7. Cracking Noise of the Sway Bar Links

You will hear a cracking noise from the front end of your car due to this issue. The reason behind this problem is the backing out of low-quality sway bar links. Thus, the hardware gets loose and causes the backing out because of the vague attributes of the bar links.


Is Can-Am x3 reliable?

Yes, Can-Am x3 is pretty durable and possesses an engine of 200 HP. Although this car owner may face a few issues, those are easily solvable. However, if you are a slow driver, you won’t even face those problems.

What are the signs of a Can-Am x3 lousy steering rack?

The steering wheel will get loose, which will cause the wheel to shake. Moreover, Can-Am x3 will become unstable and cause unpleasant, disturbing noises for this on the road.

How to avoid Can-Am x3 engine problems?

You have to maintain regular cleaning of the fuel and air filter to avoid unforeseen engine problems. Also, make sure you are using the required oil for Can-Am x3 and changing them frequently.


In this article, we tried to put light on several common Can-Am x3 problems. There are various reasons behind those issues, such as the lousy alternator, excessive load or heat building on the equipment, etc. That’s why you can avoid these problems if you are able to ease those reasons.

We are not discouraging you from buying  Can-Am x3. Though there are multiple issues in this car, those are still easy to resolve. We are just trying to make you aware of those problems and ways to fix also if you face those.

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