Honda 700XX Problems and Causes with Fixes

The common problems of the Honda 700XX include difficulty while starting the engine and lack of power in the engine. Moreover, poor performance both at high and low speeds and poor handling is also not unheard of. Besides, a static engine and excessive noise from the exhaust are also there.

To understand which part is responsible for each of these problems, it’s very important to know how to differentiate them. Afterward, replacing, repairing, and cleaning the responsible parts solve the problems most of the time. Sometimes these problems can happen due to our own carelessness.

Hence, it’s important to be cautious of the servicing of this ATV. Moreover, fixes like IACV and PGM-FI may require pro help. Keep reading to get a better idea.

Honda 700xx Problems And Fixes At A Glance

Here’s a table to give you a brief idea about what’s coming next

Problems Solutions
Difficulty Starting EngineReplacing, repairing, or cleaning parts like spark plugs, ignition systems, fuel pumps, etc.
Taking pro help for ECM, ICAV, etc., related issues.
The Engine Is Short of PowerFixing all the tire-related issues.
Proper maintenance.
Fixing clutch and coolant problems.
Bad Performance at Low-SpeedFollowing the fixes of difficulty starting the engine.
Replacing insulator if necessary.
Bad Performance at High-SpeedServicing PGM-FI, fuel pump, or ignition system accordingly.
Solving valve and camshaft-related issues.
Flawed HandlingProper inspection and fixing of the steering system.
Replacing other parts if the culprit is found.
Excessive Noise from The ExhaustTaking pro help to check and replace the exhaust system.
Engine Refuses to TurnReplacing starter clutch.
Fixing torque limiter.

What Are The Usual Problems of Honda 700XX And How I Fix

Usually, riders face the following problems with Honda 700XX.

1. Difficulty Starting the Engine

This can happen due to various reasons such as:

  • Improper heat in the spark plug
  • An imbalanced gap in the spark plug
  • Clogged air filter
  • Defective ignition coil and incorrect ignition timing
  • Corroded or disconnected wiring in the spark plug or ignition system
  • CKP sensor error
  • Bad stop switch of the engine
  • Malfunctioning ECM
  • Defective fuel pump
  • Damaged PGM-FI system
  • Malfunctions in the valves and their functionalities
  • Worn-out head gasket and cylinder ring
  • Defective IACV and insulator


If you face this issue, then take the following measures to fix it:

  • Replace the spark plug if there is any sort of fault
  • Properly clean the air filter regularly and replace it if necessary
  • Repair the ignition system or consider a replacement if needed
  • Fix all the sensor-related issues with the help of a scanner
  • Repair or replace other faulty components like fuel pumps, valves, cylinders, etc
  • Take professional help to check and fix ECM, IACV, and PGM-FI systems. Here’s a diagram of the PGM-FI system of the Honda 700XX that can be of help

diagram of the PGM-FI system of the Honda 700XX

2. The Engine Is Short of Power

The following causes are responsible for this problem

  • Dragging brake
  • Damage in the hub of the wheel or bearing of the final case
  • Extremely tight drive chain
  • Defective tire valve
  • Deflated tire
  • Malfunction in the entire clutch system
  • Contaminated engine oil
  • Clogged fuel cap breather or muffler
  • Incorrect compression in the cylinder
  • Malfunctioning lubrication system
  • Engine overheating due to cooling system defects
  • Combustion compartment loaded with carbon


You can take the following steps to fix this issue

  • Test the braking system and repair it accordingly
  • Replace damaged wheel hub and bearings
  • Give sufficient air to the tires and fix the valves of the tires if necessary
  • Properly install the drive chain
  • Check for defects in the clutch system and fix or replace them accordingly
  • Use correct engine lubricants and maintain a good lubrication system 
  • Maintain a clean fuel cap breather and combustion compartment
  • Ensure proper cooling of the engine
  • Make sure the compression level is correct

Here’s a video that will help you to change the oil of your ATV

3. Honda 700XX Doesn’t Perform Accordingly at Less Speed

Apart from cylinder-related causes, all the causes that cause difficulty in starting the engine can also cause poor performance at low speeds.

However, one exclusive reason that can cause this is a malfunctioning insulator or misplaced insulator bands.


You can take the same steps that are prescribed to solve the difficulty in starting the engine for this problem. As for the insulator-related problems, you might need to replace them if the situation is worse. If the insulator bands are loose, then tightening or replacing them can also fix the problem.

4. Doesn’t Perform Accordingly at Greater Speed

Issues like mistimed ignition, malfunctioning fuel pump, and PGM-FI system can cause this, just like poor performance at low speed. Other responsible causes include:

  • Improperly installed cam sprocket causing a defect in valve timing
  • Worn out valve springs
  • Defective camshaft


I have already discussed the measures to take when it comes to malfunctioning PGM-FI, fuel pump, or ignition system. As for the other causes, follow these steps.

  • Correctly install the cam sprocket to ensure correct valve timing
  • Replace worn-out valve springs and camshaft if repair is not possible

5. Flawed Handling

This problem can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Extremely tight or deformed bearing of the steering.
  • Defective steering shaft along with other components.
  • Curved rim
  • Incorrectly placed wheel hub
  • Unconsolidated suspension constituents
  • Deformed frame
  • Malfunctioning shock absorber
  • Defective tie-rod
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Excessive weight of the ATV or the passenger


Fix this issue in the following way:

  • Properly install and replace all the parts related to the steering if necessary
  • Don’t put excessive weight on the ATV as it’s already heavy by itself (505 pounds)
  • Make sure the wheel alignment is correct and hubs are rightly placed
  • Replace the deformed rim and frame if possible
  • Replace the shock absorber if it’s not working properly
  • Repair or replace tie-rod

6. Excessive Noise From The Exhaust

Whenever you hear a loud noise from the exhaust of your Honda 700XX, this can indicate a problem in the exhaust system. Most probably, the exhaust system is broken, or there is a leak somewhere.

Moreover, a deformed exhaust can directly impact the overall performance of the vehicle.


Take professional help to inspect the exhaust system properly for any leak or damage because it’s a sophisticated component. If you are confident enough, you can go for DIY.

Based on the situation, you might need to replace the entire exhaust system.

7. Engine Refuses to Turn

If the starter clutch of your ATV turns, but the engine refuses to do so, then the cause can be:

  • Defective starter clutch
  • Malfunctioning reduction gear or limiter of torque


You can fix this problem by simply replacing the starter clutch if that’s the reason. You might also need to check the torque of the vehicle to ensure that the limiter is working properly.


Is it safe to ride a problematic Honda 700XX?

If your Honda 700XX is having problems, then riding it won’t be safe before solving the issues.

Can I fix the problems of the Honda 700XX by myself?

Most of the fixes are DIYable. But if you have even the slightest of doubts, then take professional help immediately.

Final Thoughts

Honda produced the 700XX model in 2008-09 and discontinued it afterward. Still, the number of queries related to this ATV received on the web today is astonishing indeed. This shows the longevity and popularity of this ATV.

However, the problems have remained as major hiccups while pursuing this ATV. Following this article, you’ll hopefully be able to get a better service out of your 700XX since I’ve discussed all the frequent problems with fixes.


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