P1011 Code 6.7 Cummins – All You Need to Know

You are going uphill through your Ram 2500 and suddenly there is a power loss. You take your truck to the garage and through scanning, you see the code p1011.

You might be thinking “What does the p1011 code 6.7 Cummins mean?”

It means the PCM has identified that the fuel pump’s delivery pressure is too low. The PCM is not delivering fuel to the engine within its normal pressure range. It happens either due to problems in the fuel system or low voltage. To fix it, replace fuel system components or recharge the battery. 

It is a serious issue that you need to fix as soon as possible. But before that, you need to understand the reasons behind it. Read to find out more.

What Does P1011 Code 6.7 Cummins Mean?

The meaning of the code is that the fuel pump delivery pressure is too low. It happens when there is a difference between the actual fuel pressure and the fuel pressure set point.

The fuel pump receives fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the engine. But the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) monitors the fuel pump delivery pressure along with other activities. If there is any drop in the pressure then the engine does not receive the proper amount of fuel.

It notifies the PCM and turns on the engine light. Through the OBDII scanner, the p1011 code can be seen.

6.7 Cummins P1011 Code: 6 Reasons & Solutions

Clogged Fuel FilterDifficulty in starting and Driving the truckChange the fuel filter
Lower VoltageDifficulty in starting Remove the battery, replace the battery, jumpstart the battery
Bad Fuel PumpReduced fuel efficiency, Power lossChange the lift pump system
Fuel Line LeakageMore fuel consumptionReplace fuel line
Faulty Fuel InjectorEngine Vibration, Fuel Leak, Engine Misfiring, Rough IdlingClean or replace the fuel injector
Problem with the PCMThe problem in starting, Problem in shifting, Stalled engineReprogramming PCM

The table shows the reasons for the p1011 code on 6.7 Cummins. Most of these are primarily due to problems in different compartments of the fuel system.

First, let’s focus on which parts of the engine lead to the reduction in fuel pump delivery pressure.

Reason 1: Clogged Fuel Filter

The P1011 code on 6.7 Cummins for the fuel filter is a serious problem. It happens when the fuel filter is clogged or jammed because of impurities and can’t keep the fuel clean. Prolonged use makes the fuel filter dirty.

This is a problem because the fuel pump system will not receive the proper quantity of fuel.

When you drive at a faster rate or at a condition that requires more burning of fuel, the pressure of the fuel pump is reduced. Because it does not get the required quantity of fuel.


Following are some of the key symptoms of a clogged fuel filter.

  • truck stalling
  • Rough Idling
  • Difficulty in starting the truck
  • Loud Noises from the fuel pump


The 6.7L Cummins is a Turbo Diesel Engine. It is recommended to change the fuel filter every 20,000-25,000 miles for this type of engine. It’s quite simple to change and you can save around $200-300 by doing it yourself.

Before going through the process, you should know that each of these heavy-duty trucks comes with two fuel filters. One is between the fuel tank and the engine, the other is connected to the fuel injector.

Following are the steps for changing the fuel filter.


  • Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Ratchet
  • 28mm socket
  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Bucket

The step-by-step fuel filter changing process is explained here.

Step 01: Pop the hood open.

Step 02: Locate the front fuel filter. It is between the fuel tank and the engine.

Step 03: Connect the filter with a hose to relieve the pressure

Step 04: Locate the turn knob adjacent to the filter. It is yellowish in color. Twist it using a screwdriver. This will release the residual fuel. 

Step 05: Make sure to have a bucket or bottle beneath to collect the draining fluid

Step 06: Carefully connect the upper portion of the fuel filter with the ratchet that has the 28mm socket attached to it.

Step 07: Unscrew the fuel filter and take it off.

Step 08: Remove the petcock and the plug using a wrench

Step 09: Remove the O-ring and keep it separate. 

Step 10: Clean the petcock and the plug and connect it with an O-ring

Step 11: Attach it back to the new fuel filter and screw it back properly.

Step 12: Reattach it back to the position

Step 13: Similarly, locate the back fuel filter connected to the fuel injector.

Step 14: Disconnect the plug. A blue wire connects the fuel filter to this plug. Push the tab on this plug and pull it to disconnect. 

Step 15: Similarly, unscrew the fuel filter, change the O-ring and put in the petcock, and plug in a new fuel filter.

Step 16: Reattach it back to the truck. 

Reason 2: Lower Voltage

The fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine at a specific rate. This rate depends upon the voltage applied through the battery connection or wiring. If there is any problem with this electrical connection then the fuel pump’s pressure reduces.


Following are some of the symptoms of reduced voltage 

  • The problem in starting the truck
  • Clicking when the engine is turned on

However, most of its problems lead to problems like the p1011 code. So, the user is usually aware if there is anything wrong with the voltage. However, you can also perform a quick voltage test with a multimeter to diagnose any problem. 


If the problem is with the connection, then changing the wiring will solve it. However, if the battery is the source, the following are some steps to deal with it-

Solution 01: Charge the battery

Following are the steps to charge the battery.

Step 01: Turn off the engine and pop the hood

Step 02: Locate the battery

Step 03: Keep the charger off

Step 04: Put the positive (+) cable into the positive terminal of the battery

Step 05: Put the negative (+) cable to the negative terminal of the battery

Step 06: Turn on the charger

Step 07: Check the voltage

Remember, DO NOT twist the sequence. You MUST NOT put the negative before the positive and do not mix between the two.

Solution 02: Replace the battery

Usually, replacing the old battery with a new one can help to supply the electric power properly. Here is what you need to do to replace the battery.


  • Socket Wrench
  • Wire Brush
  • Truck batteries
  • Battery cleaning
  • Anti-corrosive solution

Following are the steps to replace the battery.

Step 01: Pop the hood and locate the batteries

Step 02: Remove both the negative cables using a wrench

Step 03: Remove both the positive cables 

Step 04: Carefully remove the batteries

Step 05: Clean the connectors using the solution and the wire brush

Step 06: Put the new batteries

Step 07: Remove the covers from the new battery terminals

Step 08: Spray the terminals 

Step 09: Connect the positive cable to the positive terminals

Step 10: Connect the negative cable to the negative terminals

Step 11: Close the hood

Step 12: Start the engine and check the connection

Reason 3: Bad Fuel Pump

The Fuel pump itself could be going bad due to prolonged use. When that happens its delivery pressure gets reduced.

You can check the condition of your fuel pump by checking the fuse box.


Following are some of the symptoms of a bad fuel pump

  • Power Loss, especially when going uphill
  • Decreasing Fuel Efficiency
  • Difficulty in Starting
  • Fuel Tank Noise
  • Engine Overheating


When the fuel pump is deteriorating, the best option is changing the lift pump system. Replacing it is slightly difficult and we do not recommend doing it yourself unless you are really experienced.

Therefore, you should consult a mechanic for this procedure.

Reason 4: Fuel Line Leakage

The Fuel Pump receives the fuel from the fuel tank. Both of these are connected by a fuel line. If there is any leakage in the fuel line, then it will not receive the required quantity of fuel.

This is a problem because, without the right amount, it can’t supply the fuel properly to the engine. It leads to a loss in pressure.


Following are some of the symptoms of a fuel line leakage-

  • More fuel consumption than usual
  • Strong fuel odor


How to stop the p1011 code on 6.7 cummins for the fuel line? Easy, you replace the fuel line. You can do it yourself but it is always recommended to consult an expert for this step.

Following is the step for replacing the fuel line

Step 01: Disconnect the battery

Step 02: Remove the valve cover

Step 03: Loosen up the fuel line connection using a 19mm wrench

Step 04: Remove the fuel lines

Step 05: Connect the new fuel line

Step 06: Connect the fuel line connection 

Step 07: Put the valve cover and connect the battery

Step 08: Start the engine

Reason 5: Faulty Fuel Injector

Fuel Injectors atomize the fuel and inject it to the combustion chamber. The main problem associated is clogs and leakages in the fuel injector.

Fuel Injectors can get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt. But leaking is mainly due to damaged O-rings in the fuel injector. These O-rings get damaged due to prolonged use.

A leaking fuel injector results in a decrease in the pressure of the fuel rail. The fuel rail delivers the fuel from the pump to the injector.


Following are the symptoms of a faulty fuel injector

  • Engine Vibration
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Rough Idling
  • Bad Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Leak
  • Strong fuel odor


Cleaning or replacing the fuel injector can solve this problem. Cleaning is when the fuel injector is clogged and replacement is for leaking.

Following are the steps for replacing the fuel injector


  • 8mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 14mm socket
  • 15/16 shallow socket
  • ⅜ ratchet
  • 19mm Wrench
  • ⅜ Foot Pound Torque Wrench
  • ⅜ Inch Pound Torque Wrench
  • Channel Locks

Step 01: Disconnect the battery

Step 02: Remove the valve cover

Step 03: Loosen up the fuel line connection using 19 mm wrench

Step 04: Remove the fuel lines

Step 05: Remove the retaining nut behind the fuel lines using 15/16 shallow socket and extension

Step 06: Grab the feed tube and pull it out

Step 07: Remove the bolts connecting the rocker arm using 10 and 14mm socket

Step 08: Remove the rocker arm of the exhaust side

Step 09: Remove the Injector hold down bolts using 8 mm socket

Step 10: Remove the bolts from the intake side

Step 11: Remove the rocker arm from the intake side

Step 12: Remove the hold down bolts

Step 13: Remove the fuel injector using the wrench

Step 14: Clean the compartment

Step 15: Put the new fuel injector 

Step 16: Connect the hold down bolts using the wrench

Step 17: Repeat the removal process in reverse order from putting the rocker arm to putting back the fuel line

Step 18: Connect the battery and start the engine

Although, it is possible to do it yourself but due to its complexity we recommend seeking a professional for this process.

Reason 6: Problem with the PCM

Sometimes it is the PCM itself that is faulty and tends to deliver wrong messages. It happens whenever there is any problem with the sensor or it needs reprogramming.


Apart from sending wrong codes, the following are some of the symptoms of a faulty PCM 

  • Problem with starting
  • Problem with Shifting
  • Problem with gas mileage
  • Engine stalling


It can be solved by reprogramming the PCM. Following are the steps for reprogramming it. 


  • Scanning Tool
  • Laptop/Computer
  • Cable

Step 01: Connect the laptop to the scanning tool

Step 02: Start the program and enter truck information

Step 03: Switch the tool on and wait for the start screen

Step 04: Validate the VIN number

Step 05: After providing the information, begin the transfer

Step 06: Observe the progress bar and disconnect the tool once the transfer is done

Step 07: Check the status of the truck

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Is Change in Temperature Responsible for p1011 Code?

No, in conditions both cold and hot; unless all the components are performing properly there won’t be any problem. However, during freezing conditions, if highly viscous fuel is used, it may lead to problems related to low pressure.

How Much Will it Cost to Fix p1011 code in 6.7 Cummins?

The cost of fixing the p1011 code should be somewhere between $75-150. Because it takes around an hour of labor work.

Is there a Similar Problem to the p1011 code on Other Turbo Engines?

The reason for the p1011 code is low fuel pump delivery pressure. Any type of engine can have this type of problem if there are any faulty components or errors in the code of its electronic module.


That covers everything you need to know about p1011 codes on 6.7 Cummins. Fix the fuel system and this problem should be solved.

Hopefully, it answered all your questions and helped you understand. If you want to know more, comment below on what we should write next.


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