Polaris Check Engine Code 520 194: 5 Reasons & Solutions

Polaris shows different SPN codes for problems in a specific area of your ATV. And a single-digit FMI number indicates what the problem is about. All these codes can be hard to remember.

So what does Polaris check engine code 520 194 mean?

Polaris check engine code 520 194 indicates a throttle release signal. This can happen for various reasons, including high or low voltage in the throttle, the signal being out of range, the throttle being stuck, or faulty cable adjustment. Common fixes for these problems include cleaning the throttle lever and switch as well as adjusting the TSP screw. 

There’s more to it. Understanding the problem with the throttle is essential before you go for any fix. Keep reading and know how to fix each throttle problem. 

What Does Polaris Code 520 194 Mean?

Polaris Sportsman 850 throttle idle diagnostic codes 520194

Polaris Code 520 194 is a suspect parameter number (SPN) for the throttle release signal. It indicates that there are problems with the throttle. 

You will see another number on the SPN’s top or bottom. This is called the failure mode indicator (FMI). It specifies what type of problem is occurring.

Under 520 194, FMIs are representing different throttle problems on your vehicle.

520 1942Signal is out of range
3Voltage too high
4Voltage too low
7Throttle is stuck, or cable adjustment is faulty safety switch issue. 

For all the models of Polaris ATV, the check engine codes are similar. 

Why Does Polaris Check Engine Code 520 194 Showing?

The Polaris check engine code 520 194 can flash for various reasons, including misadjustment in the cable, safety switch issues, or out-of-range signals. Let’s discuss these problems in detail.  

Reason 1: Faulty Cable Adjustment

If you notice FMI 7 on your check engine code, perhaps your ATV throttle is facing a faulty cable adjustment.


First, you must check whether the cable is the issue.

Check the switch that is used for throttle control. The average slack in your throttle switch should be 1/16″-1/8″. If it feels more loose than usual, the problem is with cable adjustment. Here’s Polaris code 520 194 7 fix.

  1. You will find a long screw in the middle of the TSP wire. With an 8 mm wrench, unscrew the bolt from that first. 
  2. Adjust the throttle control switch where it is supposed to be. 
  3. Keep tightening the long screw by turning it clockwise until it’s tight. You will notice the throttle switch is tighter and not slacking. 
  4. Make sure that you don’t tighten the screw too much. Otherwise, the brake wheel won’t move properly. Move the brake wheel to ensure proper movement. 
  5. Once you are done, restore the bolt with the wrench.

After that, the check engine code will go immediately. 

Reason 2: Issue with Throttle Safety Switch

The code 520 194 – 7 can also mean any problem with the safety switch. If the throttle switch is tightened correctly, the throttle lever may have snow or corrosion buildup.


You have to clean the throttle switch to solve this problem. Follow the process described below. 

  • Find the flat hole at the bottom of the throttle body. 
  • With the help of a flat-headed screwdriver, press the hole.
  • You will notice the throttle lever has loosened. 
  • Remove the throttle lever, and clean it. 
  • Plug the level back into the throttle body. 

Reason 3: The Throttle Is Stuck

If the check the engine code is showing 7, but the switch is perfectly tightened, and there is no debris or snow build-up on the throttle. This indicates that something is stuck on the throttle. 


You must engage the clutch by shifting to a low-range transmission and applying fast, aggressive throttle pressure. This will help unstuck the throttle. However, make sure not to throttle excessively. It can cause the ATV to lose control and rollover. 

Reason 4: Voltage Too High

If your check engine code is showing 520 194 – 3, this indicates the voltage in your throttle is too high. It usually happens when the Throttle switch is stuck with ice build-up or corrosion.


There is an easy fix for Polaris code 520194 3. You have to clean the throttle switch to adjust the voltage.

  1. First, unscrew the adjusting nuts from the throttle case and uncover the case. 
  2. Clean the throttle switch thoroughly. If there’s corrosion, use some corrosion cleaner and rub it out with the help of a brush. (our pick: Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner)
  3. Attach the cover again. 
  4. Spray some dry lubrication all over the throttle.

After that, code 520 194 3 will go away. 

Reason 5: Voltage Too Low

If your Polaris AVC shows 520 194 4, it means the throttle voltage is too low. This problem also occurs because of corrosion or dust buildup inside the throttle switch.


You must clean the throttle switch after opening the throttle assembly. You can follow the same method for cleaning up as described above when the voltage is too high. 

Reason 6: Signal Is Out Of Range

The check engine code 520 194 2 means the computer is not getting enough signal to connect with the throttle. Ice buildup, dirt, and corrosion in the throttle lever sometimes cause this issue.


You must unplug the throttle lever and clean it, as shown in reason 2. After that, the check engine signal will be gone. 

How To Prevent Polaris From Showing Check Engine Code 520 194?

Polaris sportsman throttle fix

The Polaris engine code 520 194 can be easily avoided. You have to take care of the following things.

  • Use WD-40 Dry Lube on the throttle before every use to avoid the switch getting stuck. 
  • Frequently clean the throttle switch, especially in the winter. 
  • You can use an aluminum throttle block to avoid corrosion. 
  • Regularly check whether the TSP wiring is appropriately adjusted or not.

Follow these tips, and you may never face Polaris check engine code 520 194 again. 


How Do I Check My Polaris Code?

To check the Polaris code, first, you have to log in to the Polaris account from the Polaris website. Next, select the My Garage tab and click on your ATV model. Scroll down, and you will find Error Code Lookup. Select that and after that, select the Look Up code. You will see the engine code. 

Will An Engine Code Reset Itself?

Yes, the code will reset itself after you have fixed the check engine problem the monitor was showing you. However, the internal computer needs around 10 – 20 rounds to reset itself. 

Can You Drive With ETC Light On?

You should not drive with an ETC light turned on. The light indicates any problem with the air intake or the engine fuel. If you drive with the light on, further damage can occur to your ATV engine. 


That’s all about Polaris check engine code 520 194. I hope this article lets you quickly discover why your Polaris is showing this code and how to fix it. Cleaning the throttle and adjusting the cable regularly can save you from this problem.

Now it’s time for me to go. Have a nice day.


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