What Do Polaris Code 2 84 1 + 2 84 2 Polaris Code Mean?

Polaris error codes are very efficient and let you diagnose issues with your Polaris within a short time. There are a lot of codes, and all the codes indicate different problems in the other parts of your Polaris.

So, what exactly does the Polaris code 2 84 1 + 2 84 2 Polaris code indicate?

The error code 2 84 usually indicates a problem with the speed sensor in most cases. In other cases, it might indicate an issue with the brake switch. The last number is the error count. This means how many error codes there are in your Polaris.

We need to cover many more grounds. So, read along; you’ll find all you need to know about these codes in the following parts.    

What Does Polaris Code 2 84 1 + 2 84 2 Mean?

This specific error code indicates a problem with the speed sensor or the brake switch in some cases. Also, it tells you how many error codes are present in your Polaris.

But how do you read the Polaris error code?

The error code has three parts; each part indicates something different. The parts are called FMI (Failure Mode Indicator), SPN (Suspect Parameter Number), and Error Code Count (ECC). 

Failure Mode Indicator

The failure mode indicator, or FMI, is a number that indicates the nature and type of failure that occurred. This includes range violations (too high or too low), calibration errors, short circuits, etc.

Suspect Parameter Number

The suspect parameter number tells you exactly where the problem has occurred. Every circuit or part has an SPN assigned to it. For example, if your error code contains SPN 502270, it indicates a problem with the all-wheel drive.

Error Code Count

The last part of the error code means how many errors there are in your Polaris. Understandably, your Polaris may have multiple problems with multiple components at the same time. So, if your error code has a 1 at the end, it tells you there is one more error in your vehicle. 

Reason Why Polaris Code 2 84 1 Show Up?

Polaris Code 2 84 1

There are two possible reasons why this code might show up on your Polaris. If you are following the manual, it will advise you to check your speed sensors. But in some of the older models, users have reported a faulty brake switch behind the error code.


You can expect quite a few symptoms if this error code appears in your Polaris. The top symptoms include-

Reason One: The Speed Sensor Circuit is Intermittent/Erratic/High

Error code 2 84 usually indicates a problem with the speed sensor. That means your speed sensor might be faulty, or something is wrong with the speed sensor circuit.

So, first, double-check the speed sensor’s connection. Check if the sensor is connected correctly or not. Also, look for any damages in the wire.

If the connection seems fine and there are no signs of damage on the wire, you need to test the speed sensor manually. Here is how you can do that-


Here is the set of tools you will need if you would like to test your speed sensor.

  • Disconnect and remove the speed sensor from your Polaris. But before that, make sure your vehicle is turned off.
  • To test whether the speed sensor is faulty, you will need a multimeter.
  • Also, you need a plug with two wires to connect the sensor to the multimeter. The plug must have an output wire and a ground wire.
  • The sensor should have a slot through which it was connected to the vehicle. Connect the plug through that slot; the output and ground wires should stick out.
  • Set the multimeter to AC, then connect the red cable of the multimeter to the output wire of the plug. The black cable of the multimeter should be connected to the ground wire of the plug.
  • Now, you will need a drill to simulate the sensor and find out if the sensor works or not. Fit the pointy head of the drill into the sensor and turn the drill on. 
  • Start off slow, then gradually increase the speed.
  • Your multimeter should give off voltage readings. The readings should increase as the drill spins faster.


If the sensor is not connected correctly, it should be reconnected. check if the 3-wire harness is connected to the speed sensor.

If the wiring is damaged, then contact your mechanic for a fix.

If the speed sensor is not working, then install a new one.

Reason Two: The Brake Switch Acting Up

So, if the speed sensor is all right, we recommend you to take a look at the brake switch.

You must visually inspect the brake switch to find out what’s wrong. The brake switch is a pressurized switch that must be sealed up properly. If not, water can get inside, which may cause it to malfunction.

So, all you have to do is check whether the switch is correctly sealed. 


If you find out that the switch is not sealed properly, you must take it out and dry it. Then reconnect the switch, which should solve the problem.

Even after following the steps suggested here, you can try resetting the code manually if the code does not reset. You need to drive around your Polaris for 5–10 minutes at 3500 rpm.

If doing that doesn’t reset the code, we are afraid you’ll have to see your dealer.

Reason Why Polaris Code 2 84 2 Show Up?

As we have said, the actual error code is the first two parts, “2 84.” The last part is the error code counter, meaning there are two more errors except for this one that needs your attention.

So, you can toggle up or down to find out which codes your Polaris displays and take care of them as soon as possible. 


How do you read Polaris codes?

You must first sign in to your Polaris account via the Polaris website to read Polaris codes. From there, go to “My Garage” and then select your vehicle. After that, find and click on “Look Up Code.” Search with the code, and it will tell you what’s wrong and what you should do now.

Should I run my Polaris in high or low?

You should prioritize low gear while driving over rough terrain. Low gear is designed for slower speeds and towing or transporting loads. Always shift into low gear when driving in tough terrain or over obstacles, loading the car onto a trailer, towing big goods, or constantly driving at low speeds.

What is considered high mileage for a Polaris UTV?

Ideally, 5000 miles or more is considered a lot for Polaris or other vehicles of the same tier. Although there are a lot of factors to consider here, 5000 miles is a general rule of thumb for calculating high mileage. 


Polaris code 2 84 1 + 2 84 2. Polaris code basically means a problem with the speed sensor. But in some cases, users have also found a problem with the brake switch. So, do check both if you encounter this error code.

Also, the last part of the error code means there are other issues in your Polaris. So, do give them the attention they need to maintain your vehicle’s health.


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