Polaris Outlaw 90 Starter Problems and Solutions

Electrical starting issues are one of the most common Polaris Outlaw 90 starter problems. You might not be getting the start with the switch at a glance. Sometimes, facing difficulty with the gear change might pop up as well. Hearing disturbing noise along with the low performance of your bike is all connected with the starter issues.

These could be the very first issues you face with your ATV. And it is common and happened with many people as their debut issue with the bike.

Go ahead in the article as you’ll know more about the problems here. Don’t worry; we’ll provide solutions for them as well.

Common Problems and Symptoms of Polaris Outlaw 90

We tested and reviewed the bike for a while and came up with the most common starter problems of Polaris Outlaw 90. Check the table below to have a glance at the common problems and symptoms. 

1. Electric Starter IssuesThe electric starter, along with the manual starter, won’t work
2. Gear Shifting ProblemsImproper gear shifting while riding the ATV
3. Rumbling SoundDisturbing noise coming from the engine while riding the bike
4. Battery IssuesHeadlights, speedlights, and starters won’t work correctly
5. Performance IssuesRiding becomes rough as speed increases

Polaris Outlaw 90 Starter Problems and Solutions

2008 Polaris Outlaw 90 Starter Clutch

Here you have a brief description of Polaris Outlaw 90 starter problems and the solutions to those problems.

1. Electric Starter Issues

One of the most common issues of Polaris is the starter issue. And that is obviously for the electric starter. The main thing here, you might not use the electric starter sometimes due to issues.

Mainly, the battery issues are the primary culprit. When the battery is not able to support the starter with proper electrical connections, it tends to shut down with every possible try to start.

Apart from the battery, the motor might not be able to take the start or command properly. Here again, the wiring of the motor and associated parts with the starter might be the reason for this.


Disconnecting and reconnection the connection from the ETC switch might be an option here. So it would reboot the electric starter functions inside and make the work smoother.

Besides, ensure the battery is fine and active because it is the source of all the electrical passage inside your ATV. And when it is not acting correctly, you won’t get much support from your vehicle.

And for the wiring part, ensure every insertion of the wiring is perfect. It might seem perfect to you from above, but the connection can be loose inside. Better watch out for the starter clutch here:

2. Gear Shifting Problems

The Polaris 90 is an automatic transmission bike. But during our test, we found some issues in shifting the gear. And that too during the runtime of the bike.

Things become seriously messy when such a problem arises all of a sudden. And you can’t even do anything out there. Sometimes, you must stop the vehicle thoroughly, change the gear and start it. Can you imagine how it would look amid riding it?


Searching all the possible causes of the issue, we discovered that the belt alignment is the core of the disturbance. When you align the belt correctly, the problem resolves. Takes a few minutes only.

Again sometimes, a worn belt might also cause the problem. Then, you got no other option but to change the belt.

3. Rumbling Sound

The rumbling noise coming from your bike’s engine because of the improper start of your ATV. When the engine is filled with dust and debris or not cleaned for a long time, it won’t start casually. You might even make it to the start, but there you have the sound as a forced gift.

Again, any kind of wire disconnection from its place and colliding with the rotating shaft might also be a reason for the sound. In that case, the wire disconnection will also affect other functions of your vehicles.


You need to maintain and clean the engine every now and then. Why not after every heavy ride you give? If you’re starting it after a long time, make sure the connections of the wires are correctly set out there. You can go for good maintenance to clear all the bike issues.

4. Battery Issues

Be it the electrical starter or the manual starter, your battery not functioning well will do nothing for your Polaris outlaw 90. Like, have you ever seen any electrical appliance working without its battery functioning well?

There can be many issues with the battery. Usually, the age factor can be an issue. Depending on your usage, you must change the battery after a specific time.

Wire loosening or disconnection from the battery won’t even enable you to manually start and turn on the headlights of your ATV.


You won’t have to take much of a hassle here. Just replace the battery and get a new one when such symptoms arise. Also, the wire connections must be firm. Assure that as well while doing so.

5. Performance Issues


Your Polaris outlaw 90 might get well with a start, but there are chances that it might backfire after a while. Usually, at higher RPM, you can experience the issue we experienced in our trial.

The spark plug is the main thing here. When the spark plug is not convenient, you won’t get your desired speed with the kickstart or electric start. The higher the speed goes on, the rougher you experience your ride.


Replace the spark plug (Our Pick: NGK Spark Plug) and check the wires, valved, and other surrounding connections. There is no scope for fixing the spark plug here; you must change it. Get it done by a mechanic if you aren’t well-known about the procedure.


We have some questions here asked by most of the users. It might be beneficial to you as well.

Q: What is the average life-span of a Polaris Outlaw 90 Battery?

The Polaris battery can serve for 2-3 years with reasonable usage. For a rough one, you can expect the battery to wrap up within two years.

Q: What is the technique to inspect the belt of Polaris Outlaw 90?

You can inspect the belt of Polaris Outlaw 90 with hourglassing. It occurs when the drivetrain remains idle, but the drive clutch connects the belt.

Q: What is the weight of Polaris Outlaw 90?

Polaris outlaw 90 is 128.4 kg or 283 pounds. 

Final Words

You no longer have to worry about Polaris Outlaw 90 starter problems anymore. All you have to do is get the ticking point on the above points and ensure proper fit to your bike.

Lastly, don’t forget to check your bike now and then. It is better to know the problem before it comes. And you can find any future symptoms while doing the maintenance.


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