Polaris Predator 500 Problems: Reasons & Solution

Issues with Polaris Predator 500 are not unfamiliar to its users. But it gets intimidating when issues arise in the middle of the road. However, if you face problems with Polaris Predator 500, it needs to be treated immediately to prevent the situation from worsening.

So what are the common Polaris Predator 500 Problems?

The issues you might face with Polaris Predator 500 are speed issues, Stock carb problems, Gas Cap Hoes Problems, or Gear Problems. However, these can be solved by making a few changes. A few possible solutions would be to replace the carburetor, change the gear ratio, change the sprocket, or place a high-speed gear shim.

Some tricks and tips need to be followed to solve these issues. The following article will guide you through all of those. So keep your eyes on it. 

Polaris Predator 500 Differential Problems

Here is the common problem of Polaris Predator 500, along with the reasons for the problem, symptoms, and solutions to it. 

Speed ProblemDue to carburetor issues and inappropriate gear ratio.Not gaining the optimal speedChanging the gear ratio and replacing the carburetor
Stock Crab ProblemSprocket issueA bad condition of stock crab and difficulties in reaching the highest speed. Change the sprocket
Gas Cap Hoes ProblemLosse vent tubeVent tube not fitting in the gas capCut the end of the vent tube and reinstall it
Gear ProblemBroken ClipThe clip will come out of placePlace a high-speed gear shim

Problem 1: Not Reaching the Required Speed


When driving your Polaris predator, you might face trouble reaching high speed. This may occur for a few probable reasons. You must check a few things whenever you have trouble reaching high speed. 


The problem can arise from three probable reasons-

  • Gear ratio issue
  • Carburetor issue
  • Carb Neddle Issue


The speed issue is not the combination of all three mentioned reasons. The reason can be either of these. However, let us know the changes we need to make to solve different issues for increasing speed. 

Gear Ratio Issue 

To make a noticeable difference in predator speed, changing the gear ratio would do wonders. All you have to do is drop one tooth from 14T and three gears up from 38T. It will make your quad quicker. 

But if you are concerned with top speed versus acceleration, then do the reverse. You can go down a few teeth or can go up to 15T in the front.

Carburetor Issue 

Sometimes, changing the carburetor also significantly affects speeding up the Polaris Predator. Some users go for Yamaha Carburetor YFZ450. The main difference would be by giving better fuel delivery or improving the throttle response.

Tip: Do not cut the springs on the carburetor. It will not create any difference in the speed. 

Carb Needle Issue

If you find no issue in the carburetor or great ratio, check on the carb needle. Check whether the needle is lifting or not. If it is not lifting properly, clear the crab properly so that it can lift properly.

You should also go for re-jetting so that it can match the intake of your predator. Otherwise, your quads performance will be affected. 

Problem 2: Distorted Stock Crab


Sometimes, you might get distorted condition stock carbs. It would refrain the quad from reaching the highest speed. This is, again, a familiar issue, and you can solve it easily. 


Broken or damaged sprockets are the main reason for this issue.


Polaris Predator 500 change the sprockets Replace

The quick solution to this issue would be to change the sprockets. However, sometimes people face issues in finding a sprocket in the market because the change is basically made in the guard. 

Problem 3: Gas Cap Hoes Issue


The vent tube plays a vital role in letting fresh air into the gas tank as your fuel level drops. And it is notorious for popping off, which might cause serious issues. Sometimes you might get sick of replacing it, but there is an easy solution for this.


Due to overuse of the vent tube, it sometimes gets loose. Since the vent tube is really important for the predator, it must be tight enough to fit the gas cap.


Here are the stepwise solution for the gas cap hose issue in the following-

  • First, you need to pop the vent tube out from the gas cap. Take a side cutter on the needle node to cut off the end of the vent tube about eight inches. 
  • Next, take the cut-off piece and insert it into the narrow end of the side cutter. 
  • Spread the mouth of the cutter apart and slide the vent tube over the piece. And insert is back into the gas cap. 
  • Now you will find the thing nice and tight. It will not pop off anytime. 

Problem 4: Broken Clip in Gear


You will find broken gear teeth or a cut in the edge of the gear. You will also find displaced gear on the reverse shaft.


The gear edges might be worn out due to running the predator for years. It also gets displaced from its space for the same reason. The same thing happens to the clip as well.


The answer to all these issues is a high-speed gear shim. It will replace the thrust washer and clip circle. It will let the high-speed gear out for a quarter of an inch. So we are no longer using the factory OEM parts, and the high-speed gear falls in the right place.

Thus the whole process will stop the high-speed gear to get displaced from its place, and your problem is solved.  

Maintenance/Tips of Polaris Predator 500

Polaris Predator 500 Maintenance

It is important to ensure proper maintenance for any kind of vehicle. Polaris Predator is not exceptional in that case. You need to take care of a few things to have a better experience with Polaris Predator.

Let us check into those-

  •  Make sure you clean it regularly.
  • Don’t forget to check the fuel level on the fuel tank.
  • Check regularly if the high-speed gears are in the right position or not. 
  • Regularly check on the vent tube to see whether it got lost or not. 


Is Polaris Predator 500 a good AVT?

In the AVT industry, Polaris Predator 500 is the newest technology. So undoubtedly, it has come with the updated version and possibly with the least issues. In the newer version, state-of-the-art handling, suspension, and power output make it stand out more. So we can say this is the best AVT of this time. 

How Fast Does the Polaris Predator 500 go?

The Polaris Predator 500 optimal speed is around  73 mph. This is the newest AVT in the AVT industry. So there is no chance of having doubts about the features it has. In every way, this is the updated edition of AVT, and you will get the best experience with it. 

How much does the Polaris Predator 500 Cost?

A good-conditioned and properly functioning Polaris Predator 500 would cost around $1600 to $2800. If you go for the TLD version, it will cost more than the regular one. If you want to buy the Polaris Predator 90cc one, it will cost between $750 to $2,399. Since this is the updated version of AVT, it is worth every penny. 


It is common to get Polaris Predator 500 problems. But the problems are easily solvable, and you can also avoid them by maintaining certain things. So make sure your vehicle is getting proper maintenance. If you still face issues, consult the expert without any delay.

That is it for now. Have a safe ride!


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