Polaris Ranger 800 Fuel Pump Problems: Reasons and Solutions

Polaris Ranger 800 has a fuel pump that is not always stable, which is why several problems like overheating and lack of power take place. Failing of the fuel pump causes power loss and contaminants buildup in the fuel pump.

Polaris Ranger 800 fuel pump problems can occur for the lack of regular checking and maintenance. Sometimes, the fuel pump fails without even warning first. If you own any model of Polaris ranger 800, you should know about the fuel pump problems and solutions before any severe issue happens.

Table: Some Common Problems That Occur In Polaris Ranger 800 Fuel Pump.

The fuel pump wears outInsert a pressure gauge
Replace the fuel pump
Overheating of fuel pumpInstall a fan
Insert a material that can reflect heat
Lack of power in the fuel pumpCheck all the wiring
Check Every connection with the pump
Losing of lineTight the clamp
Rotate the pump line while the factory clamp is on
Contaminants in the fuel pumpClean the pump
Cap and cover the fuel line

Fuel Pump Problems Of Polaris Ranger 800: Reasons and Solutions 

2013 Polaris Ranger 800 EFI bad fuel pump diagnose

Mostly, the problem with the fuel pump occurs if the fuel pump gets too old. But a new fuel pump may also have a serious problem if there are any electrical issue arises. Besides, contamination with bad debris and dirt also causes problems in the fuel pump. Here we discuss some problems with the fuel pump.

1. The Fuel Pump Wears Out

Worn out the condition of the Polaris Ranger fuel pump is one of the most common issues in Polaris vehicles. Initially, the problem doesn’t show up on the Polaris Ranger. After running thousands of miles, this problem arises.

38-40 psi of fuel pressure is necessary for Ranger’s all models to operate properly. But after a few years, the fuel pump begins to degrade, and the pressure it delivers to the fuel injectors falls below 30 psi.


  • Bring a pressure gauge from the market and install it on the outlet of the fuel tank 
  • Turn the ignition switch on to allow the fuel system to cycle 
  • Check the gauge reading to see whether it is lower than 30 psi or not. 
  • If the pressure drop happens, then you have to replace it. 
  • Here is a youtube video that will help you diagnose and replace the fuel pump. 

After installing the new pump, recheck the pressure. 

2. Overheating of The Engine

You will face overheating of the pump often when the pump is hot outside. If you try to increase the throttle, it will end up dying and backfiring. Sometimes you can’t touch the pump as there is too much heat.


The Polaris fuel pump overheats both the fuel pump and the combustion chamber when it is unable to provide the necessary amount of fuel. Damage to the engine could result from this as well.


  • Install a small cooling fan under your seat. 
  • Another solution is to install heat-reflective material.  The price range will be (45-60)$. 
  • If the problem is still there, then you must have to replace it. 

3. Lack Of Power In The Fuel Pump

Not getting enough power in the fuel pump is a common problem. It happens with other years of Polaris Ranger 800 too. With power decrease, the performance also decreases in a significant ratio.


  • If The voltage the fuel pump plug receives is insufficient to energize it. Most likely, the fuel pump control integrated circuit for the Polaris failed. Usually, a bad battery, an improperly installed accessory, or a problem with the charging mechanism causes it to get damaged.
  • If any electric components reached the end of life, the power capacity of the vehicle decreases drastically. This will lead to great issues like spark loss, battery not charging, fan not starting, and most importantly, whole electronic circuit failure. Thus it will end up lacking power in the fuel pump 
  • Another issue may come because of damaging or chewing wires.


  • First, check if there are any power problems inside. To check, follow the steps,
    1. Connect out the harness connector 
    2. Bring a dc voltmeter, and connect it across 3 and 4 terminals
    3. Turn on the key and check if there are 7 volts present or not
  • If the voltage is low, then check other devices such as the wiring harness and battery. 
  • You also need to check the wiring connections in this case. However, if you can’t find any electrical wiring problem, here we are providing a wiring diagram of the Polaris Ranger 800.

This diagram shows all the insidious connections. You can easily find out and resolve any wiring problem.

polaris ranger 800 fuel pump diagram

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here in this FAQ section, we will discuss and answer some frequently asked questions about Polaris Ranger 800.

How Much Pressure Should A Polaris Ranger Fuel Pump have?

Polaris Ranger fuel pump must have 38-40 psi pressure for effective operations. If the pressure decreases, then it might come with fatal issues.

How Much It Will Cost To Change The Fuel Pump On Polaris Ranger 800?

The cost is not very expensive. Depending on the Ranger model and the quality, it will cost 80-150$.


The Polaris Ranger 800 fuel pump problems are more common than anticipated. Proper maintenance and checking the fuel pump regularly will keep you far from serious trouble.

We mentioned the most common problems with their respective solutions. We don’t think these simple problems won’t make your mind not to buy this model from Polaris.


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