Polaris Sportsman 850 Starter Problems and Solutions

Battery issues are one of the most common Polaris sportsman 850 starter problems. Then comes the engine, like most other ATVs. Its delay and malfunctioning cause havoc to the fans and cause the shield to heat continuously. 

Like most other ATVs, the Polaris sportsman 850’s drawbacks are only visible after a specific time of using it. Sometimes, the condition and way of driving the bike invite problems much before its predestined time.

Being a large quad bike, you might even lose control of the bike while driving. That’s up to you. So, let’s know about the problems in detail along with the solution. We’ll be answering some common questions too the users ask. 

Common Problems and Symptoms of Polaris Sportsman 850

The following table shows some common problems and their symptoms in Polaris Sportsman 850. Let’s have a look at them.



1. Issues with the BatteryHeadlights and the bike will not work correctly
2. Coolant Fan IssuesEngine becomes too hotter
3. Engine Problems and MalfunctioningSudden stutter during the ride and automatic restarting
4. Heating ProblemsRight side of the shield panel becomes hotter
5. Steering IssuesLose control of the bike

Polaris Sportsman 850 Starter Problems and Solution

Polaris Sportsman 850 Starter Failure

Let’s talk about the problems in detail and their possible solutions. Walk through till the end to entirely understand the issues. 

1. Issues with the Battery

The battery-related problem with the vehicle is alarming. Because unlike the other vehicle showing battery issues not starting the bike, the Polaris worsens the problem. 

From showing symptoms of not starting your ATV properly to not doing any significant service to the inside appliances or lights of the ATV. Slowly, the bike becomes immovable. 

Later, there are records that the transmission of the engine goes down, along with a whole functional unit of the bike. That means you can’t even work correctly to fix the issue here. 


Repairing can be an option, but it depends on how quickly you are into it. If you work smartly and do the fixation quickly, hopefully, you won’t have to pay much later. 

Otherwise, you have to change the battery as soon as possible for the battery goes to the Caltric Battery. They’re good and last long enough. 

Records have shown that the more time you take for the replacement, the more damage your touring ATV will be taking. 

2. Coolant Fan Issues

Too much dust inside will hamper the functions of the coolant fan. Also, miswirings and improper battery functions will make the coolant fan go slow, steady, and unstable for the ATV. 

Later on, this disturbs the bike’s casual performance and drive. Because once your engine gets too hot, you will get sure stutters while driving the vehicle. 


Check the coolant fan every 2-3 months. Always try to keep it clean and tidy. You’ll usually find it covered with dust and other particles when you cover a long journey. A small cleaning after the whole tour might minimize or entirely remove any future problems. 

3. Engine Problems and Malfunctioning

Load is a word the engine of Polaris sportsman 850 fears the most. Excess load on the bike and dreaming of a havoc ride are impossible with the 850 models. 

One of the most common symptoms of excess load on the engine is it stops working suddenly and restarts on its own. You need to clutch the speed up for a proper direction, then. 

Moreover, you’ll find the lights and other stuff on the vehicle go off during the ride. That’s entirely unexpected because you might be driving at night. All this happens when you drive the bike for a long time at high-speed verse conditions. In short, the engine got some serious issues while driving it with its whole stress on. 


Maintenance is the only thing you can do here. And that too from time to time. The engine needs proper oiling and other repairings. Monitor the wiring as well. This might cause trouble in controlling your bike’s brake.

With serious issues, you must contact an auto repair professional. 

4. Heating Problems

While driving the Polaris 850 for test purposes, we found that the right side of the shield panel becomes too hot after some time. And with time goes on, there are symptoms of melting of the shield. 

And our assumption says that the problem can lead to catching fire on your bike. The engine and the bike’s body tend to become hotter then. As a ride, you won’t feel good riding the bike on it. 


Give a rest to the bike after riding for a long time. Also, speeding up in adverse conditions won’t bring any virtue to the bike. You can enjoy the best ride with a moderate speed at the most challenging places, but certainly not when you speed up.

Some modifications by a professional mechanic also might work. You can contact a mechanic for advance solutions. 

5. Steering Reissues

Polaris Sportsman 850 Steering problem

The same problem in adverse conditions with a high rise of speed. This large ATV is more challenging to maintain and control when the speed is high. 

Any obstruction in the driving path with improper guidance disbalances the steering wheel. And you have to pay the price of a crash or accident. It is not so easy to control the body unit in such conditions. Better watch out when you are up to see the danger coming. 


We recommend safe and calm driving with the proper precaution to avoid accidents or steer failure issues. Because at that rate, even the most experienced driver will face trouble controlling the bike. If needed, diagnose your power steering before every long ride you go on it. 


Some of the most frequently asked questions are here that may be relevant for you regarding the Sportsman 850 starter. 

What’s the main reason for my Polaris to click but doesn’t start?

When your Polaris is not getting enough power from the battery, it won’t start. There can be issued with the wiring or the battery failure as well. 

Can I cool down my Polaris engine?

You can cool down your Polaris engine by allowing sufficient air to pass over it, as well as giving a water bath. 

Final Words

You’ll be in safe side with Polaris sportsman 850 starter problems if you maintain the bike well. By the way, even with the best maintenance, problems may arise. 

Most of the problems, though, can be fixed DIY. If something severe happens, talk to your manufacturer, or a professional mechanic. They will take care of the issues on your behalf.


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