Polaris Ranger Dies While Driving: Reasons and Solutions

Polaris Ranger may die suddenly while driving due to electrical problems such as a faulty CDI box and stator. Thus, the engine dies when the faulty CDI box can’t pass the electric current to ignite the engine. Besides, it may fail because of insufficient fuel and air combustion.

The Polaris Ranger offers huge power. But this is unfortunate that it also faces dying while driving. But you should know why Polaris Ranger dies while driving. To learn why this happens and possible solutions, walk through this guide till the end.

Polaris Ranger Dying Problems And Their Respective Solutions

Look at the table below to know the overall issues of the Polaris Ranger.


1. Engine problems

Insufficient combustion of fuel and airCheck the carburetor and repair or replace it if you find it faulty
Faults in wiring can cause engine issuesCheck the wires connected to the engine, and tighten the loose connections. Also, replace the damaged cables
Insufficient fuel hampers the regular action of the engine. Thus, the engine malfunctionsFill up the fuel if you find that the fuel level is below the required level
Restrictions on airflow disturb the combustion in the engineAlways clean the carburetor and fuel pump

2. Electrical Problems

Problems with the CDI box cause ignition issues, which are responsible for the sudden death of the engineRepair or Replace the CDI box with a new one
Failures of the stator and coil also cause spark and ignition issues. Eventually, this results in the death of the carCheck the cylinder head Now, repair or change the cracked cylinder head for better combustion

Follow up the next section to know everything in detail.

1. Engine Problems

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Engine problems are common in all vehicles. But this is a bigger issue when the Polaris Ranger dies while driving. A sudden stop of the engine causes this death while accelerating. Besides, the carburetor plays a vital role here. If it has issues, you can see the signs of problems.

Carburetor Problems

Drivers frequently point to the carb as the primary culprit. When the signs are severe, the carb only runs when the choke is turned on or off; or when carb cleaning is sprayed down its throat.


  • Old fuel: This is the primary reason for carburetor problems. As it stands, the little ports and orifices in the bowl dry out and become varnished.
  • Idle jet clogging: The small orifice in this jet is the first to become clogged with varnish or dirt particles. So, poor idleness is a sign of this.
  • Overflowing of fuel: This mainly occurs by a bad float needle. The needle prevents the float needle from seating.
  • Problems in fuel flow: If the fuel doesn’t properly flow into the carb, the carburetor fails to maintain the fuel-air ratio. Hence the combustion won’t occur properly.


  • Use a carb cleaner and air compressor. Before cleaning, the carburetor must be removed. Use carb cleaner spray. Here is a Youtube Video that might help you.

  • The float arm should be parallel to the bowl gasket seat. Check and adjust the float arm. If not, hold the carb upside down, and bend the little brass tang.
  • Wash the tank with detergent and water. Also, the petcock should be cleaned. Check the fuel flow while filling the tank. Make sure that the tank is removed before the wash.

2. Electrical Problems

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If the Polaris Ranger dies while driving, the first thing that comes to mind is the CDI issue. The main function of the CDI is passing the current to the plug where the spark occurs and igniting the engine. The fault in the CDI box is mostly found when a 2014 Polaris Ranger dies while driving.

Indication of Fault In Polaris Ranger CDI Box

Polaris Ranger 500 CDI Problem

The CDI box consists of a capacitor, charging circuit, triggering circuit, and transformer. If your Polaris ranger died and won’t start, you can figure out whether the problems come from the CDI box or not. You need to observe simple signs to identify faulty CDI boxes. These signs are:

  • Since everything passes through the box to ignite the motor, a damaged CDI won’t ignite.
  • A small pinch and some dielectric grease will usually fix frayed wires or loose spade connectors. If there is no effect, it is a sign.
  • Results from testing the secondary resistance of your ignition coils with a multimeter fall outside the range that your manufacturer specs specify.
  • Carburetor flooding from carboned plugs indicates a CDI box.


  • Failure of the coil is one of the main reasons. A bad source of coil makes the CDI stop operating
  • Excess heat can also damage the box
  • A fault in the charging system is a reason for this
  • Broken wires in the CDI box


  • For the stock of CDI boxes, a DC converter is a good alternative
  • Test and figure out whether there is an engine compression problem or not

Engine Compression Test: The test is performed when the engine is cold. Test immediately when it dies out for the 2nd time. If you find the 2nd result lower than the first result, you may have found your problem.

  • Check whether the head of the cylinder is melted or not
  • Check all the electrical wiring. Here is a diagram of the Polaris Ranger CDI box


If there is any problem in the CDI box, you can fix this with the help of this diagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ section, we will answer some common frequently asked questions about the Polaris Ranger death problem.

Q: What Does A Polaris CDI Box Do?

The main function of Polaris CDI is to control the whole ignition system. If there is any problem with the CDI box, your vehicle won’t run correctly.

Q: What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Carburetor?

The price of a carburetor varies with the quality. A full replacement price will cost you a minimum of $500 to $2000. However, better quality will cost more.


When a Polaris Ranger dies while driving it is so frustrating that most times you can’t figure out where the problems occurred. Usually, engine and electrical system failure is the main reason behind this situation.

If you are worried that your Polaris Ranger’s engine has died, you will have trouble driving in the future. So you must find out the problem, and fix it. See and test the common problems and determine the signs mentioned above, which will fix all your trouble.


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