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There are two fuse boxes on the Can-Am Outlander; one in the front and one in the rear. Under the gauge support is the front fuse box. The front panel of your Can-Am is the gauge support. Six relays and eleven fuses are encased in the front fuse box. The rear fuse box is under the seat and contains three fuses. 

Fuses protect the ATV electrical system from surges; a faulty part or wire can cause a surge. Before any harm happens, the fuse will get damaged first and melt. It is common for fuses to fail due to corrosion or if it is too old. Instead of only replacing the fuse, try and locate the problem in your Can-Am and address it. 

Today, we will show you a visual representation of this Can-Am Outlander fuse box. Yes, it will be about the Can-Am Outlander fuse box diagram and details about it. We will also comment on some other supplementary issues. Keep reading.

A Tabular Presentation Of The Fuse Box Contents

Can-Am ATV Fuse Box

The front fuse box;

Number Description Rating 
F6ECM module5A
F7Winch 2D/4D5A
F8Key switch/ Starter Solenoid5A
F9Cooling Fan25A
F10Euro control5A
F11Lights 30A
F12DC outlet15A
F14Accessories 215A
F15Fuel pump 5A
R1Fan relayn/a
R2Main relay n/a
R3Accessories relayn/a
R4Lights relayn/a
R5Fuel pump relayn/a
R8Brake relayn/a
F4Gauge 10A

The rear fuse box;

Number DescriptionRating 
F1Main ignition coils30A
F3Dynamic power steering and air controlled suspension 40A

The Can-Am Outlander Fuse Box Diagram

Fuse boxes are used in ATVs to manage the position of fuses. The Can-Am Outlander has two fuse boxes that house the main fuse and several other fuses which connect to different electrical parts. These parts include fans, ECU, Traction Control, ABS, Projector Headlamps, Fuel Injection Systems, LED lights, and other accessories. 

In the past, fuse boxes were not necessary because ATVs were basic. They only had a headlamp, a horn, and some sort of indicator; even those would be weak. Furthermore, the battery would be of limited capacity, implying that there would be few safety concerns. 

Nowadays, the fuse box is indispensable because people include add-ons such as USB charging stations, brighter headlamps, and extended fog lamps. However, the Can-Am Outlander is not designed to accept additional electronics. 

Here is a diagram of the Can-Am Outlander fuse box.

Can-Am outlander fuse box
Can-Am outlander fuse box diagram

Identifying The Fuses

The Can-Am Outlander uses blade fuses. The standard and mini are what can be found on most Can-Am models. Here are the color codes to identify both the standard and mini fuses.

Amperage Color 

Reasons Why Fuses Blow

ATV fuses blow when the amperage exceeds the circuit’s capacity. The following circuit faults could lead to a blown fuse;

  • Mismatched loads
  • Short circuit
  • Failure of a device,
  • Overloading.

The fuse disconnects power from the defective equipment when such circuit faults happen. After the fuse has blown and loaded, the circuit will begin to operate.  There is a rated amperage for each circuit. You can find these current ratings on the fuses, which will contain markings such as 10, 20, and 30.

The numbers on the fuses represent the amperage rating of the respective circuit. For example, a circuit with a rating of 10A will use a fuse rated at 10A. The fuse will blow if the electric current going through the circuit exceeds 10A. 

So, you must replace the fuse with one with the same ampere rating. If you replace it with one with a lower amperage rating, the fuse will simply blow up again. It is the same case if you put a higher amperage fuse where there should be a lower amperage fuse.

The greatest danger of replacing a lower amperage fuse with a higher one is that it may cause an electrical circuit overload. Electrical shorts are a significant cause of automobile fires. Even if the mismatched amperage does not result in an electrical fire, employing the incorrect amperage of the fuse in your Can-Am Outlander might result in lasting harm to the vehicle’s electrical system.

How To Check For A Blown Fuse On Can-Am Outlander

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check for a blown fuse.

  • Turn off the ignition switch.
  • Unscrew the bolts on the seat and move the seat up.
  • Remove the fuse box’s top and inspect the fuses inside.
  • Remove the fuses and look at them one by one.
  • Inspect the metal strip; if the strip is intact, the fuse is okay, but if the strip is broken, you need to replace the fuse.
  • Outlanders have extra fuses, which are typically stored near the battery. If those are already used up, you must buy new blade fuses.
  • Reinstall the fuse box cover and screw back your seat.
  • Start the Can-Am to activate the fuse.

How To Examine A Fuse Without Removing It

Can-Am ATV Fuse Box Checking

If you do not want to go through the trouble of removing a fuse to examine it, use a multimeter. A multimeter measures current flow, voltage, and electrical resistance. So, you can use it to investigate the continuity of a current and the ohms resistance of a fuse while it’s attached to verify the order.

It also measures the circuit resistance regardless of vehicle type fuse using positive and negative leads. The meter leads send a short electrical surge from the multimeter’s battery to the fuse and measure how much of it passes through. Here is how to use a multimeter.

  • Turn on the ignition to get current flowing in the circuit.
  • Set your multimeter’s mode at voltage testing and measure each fuse’s voltage.
  • Any fuse that reads back with any voltage is blown.
  • If the voltage tests negative, place the multimeter on the ground contact.
  • If the contacts all return a non-zero negative reading, your fuses are fine.
  • If both contacts test zero voltage to ground, there is no power available, which means you must ignite the circuit or pull the fuse to test it.
  • Also, you can test the fuse’s resistance.
  • Ensure you turn off the ignition and disconnect the battery. 
  • Set the multimeter to x10 resistance testing.
  • Measure all the fuses. The standard reading should be zero. If there is resistance, you have a blown fuse.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Here is a video that might help you understand more on the Can-Am Outlander fuse box.


Here are related questions.

What type of fuses does Can-Am Outlander 400 series use?

It uses blade fuses like any other Can-Am outlander. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Blown Fuse?

Fuses cost about $10-$20, and labor costs are about $50-$65, depending on your shop.


The Can-Am Outlander has two fuse boxes. The main one is under the seat, and the other is under the front panel. Can-Am outlanders have several fuses which are responsible for different electrical devices. 

If your fuse keeps blowing up even after you replace it, there is an underlying issue with the circuit. Ensure you replace a fuse with one with the same amperage.

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