Polaris Outlaw 110 vs Raptor 90: Which Is the Best?

What is more fun than buying your adventurous kid an ATV? But there are so many options out there right! Choosing the perfect ATV is kind of tough work.

So, what do you think about which one is better Polaris Outlaw 110 vs Raptor 90?

Polaris Outlaw 110 has a 112 cc air-cooled, OHC 4-stroke engine. Whereas Raptor 90 has a 90cc air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke engine. The wheelbase of the Polaris Outlaw 110 is 41.5” But the Raptor 90 has a 40.6” wheelbase. And the Polaris Outlaw 110 costs $3999 which is $1000 more expensive than Raptor 90.

Now let’s take a deep look into the article to find the best for you. 

A Quick Comparison Between Polaris Outlaw 110 vs Raptor 90

This Outlaw features an electronically fuel-injected 112cc four-stroke engine for when your youngster is ready to upgrade to a more powerful bike.

The aggressive style will make your child feel quick. But built-in safety measures will allow you to limit their pace. All four wheels are equipped with drum brakes.

Although the Raptor 90 lacks the Raptor 700’s enormous power, it is fashioned similarly. The engine is a 90cc single-overhead-cam four-stroke with air cooling.

It comes with an automatic CV gearbox that is simple to operate for riders aged 10 and up. They can travel for hours with a 1.7-gallon gasoline tank!

Let’s have a real quick look at all the major aspects of these two beasts.


FactorsPolaris Outlaw 110Raptor 90
Engine typeAir-cooled, OHC 4-strokeAir-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke
Displacement 112cc 90cc
Transmission CVT w/ reverseCVT w/ reverse
Final driveChainChain
Fuel capacity1.6 gals1.7 gals
Ground clearance 4.0”3.9”
Claimed wet weight278 lb279 lb
Retail Price$3,399$2,999

So, here you can see that the main differences are between engine type, displacement, and price.

Let’s take a deep dive into all the functions. And decides which will be the best machine for you. 

In-depth Comparison Between Polaris Outlaw 110 vs Raptor 90

These two machines give great performance in certain ways. They both are better than each other in different aspects. 

Outlaw 110 and Raptor 90 Comparison

Now let’s take a deeper look into the aspects and find out which will be the best for you.

Engine Type & Displacement

The Polaris Outlaw 110 holds an air-cooled, OHC 4-stroke engine. Which is a 112cc engine. It is a great engine with great power. 

The Polaris 110 outlaw top speed is  29 mph. Which is an up-to-the-mark performance from an engine like this. There are so fewer Polaris outlaw 110 problems you will face.

On the other hand, Raptor 90 has an air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke engine. Which is basically a 90cc engine. It can also give a moderate performance which is kind of good in its range.

The Raptor 90 has a maximum speed of 15-18 mph. Which can be counted as a safe speed for your kids.

Winner: As the Polaris Outlaw 110 holds a more powerful engine it is the winner of this segment. 

Transmission & Final Drive

Both the Polaris Outlaw 110 and Raptor 90 have the same transmission system in them. They both have CVT w/ reverse transmission system. This system is kind of common among all these bikes.

Then again both the Polaris Outlaw 110 and Raptor 90 have the same final drive system. They both contain a chain drive system. The chain drive system is also common among these types of bikes.

Winner: As they both have the same transmission and final drive system so they are equal in this segment.  

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is a large factor when choosing bikes for you. You don’t want to ruin your enjoyable ride just because you are out of fuel right!

The Polaris Outlaw 110 has a fuel capacity of 1.6 gals. Which is well enough to run your bike till the end of your race.

But the Raptor 90 has a slightly bigger tank than the Polaris Outlaw 110. Which contains 1.7 gals of fuel in it.

I know it is not that much from the Polaris Outlaw 110. But obviously, it can make some difference right!

Winner: As Raptor 90 contains 0.1 gals of more fuel that’s why Raptor is the winner of this segment.


Wheelbase is a real important issue while riding your bike. Generally, larger wheelbase gives more pleasure and balance while you are riding a four-wheeler.

Polaris Outlaw 110 has a 41.5” wheelbase whereas the Raptor 90 has a 40.6” wheelbase. So, you will have the advantage with Polaris Outlaw 110 for having the larger wheelbase.

Winner: Polaris Outlaw 110 is the winner of this segment for having a larger wheelbase.


Price should be the most essential factor when choosing the perfect bike for you right! It makes you decide the value you get from the bike.

The retail price of the is $3999 whereas the Raptor 90 will cost $2999. That’s a total of 1 grand difference between them. Polaris Outlaw 110nd that’s a deciding point right!

Winner: For being more affordable Raptor 90 is the winner of the price segment. 

So, these comparison grounds will help you to choose between 2020 polaris outlaw 110 vs Yamaha raptor 90. Don’t forget to maintain proper safety for your kids while riding.

Let me suggest to you some good helmets.

These are some great helmets that can save your kid from a bad injury. 

Which One You Should Get?


So, as you can see Polaris Outlaw 110 has a better engine and wheelbase. Which will help you have an extreme ride with comfort. But you need to spend 1 grand more than the Raptor 90 for that.

On the other hand, Raptor 90 gives a nice performance at its $2999 price point. But of course, you can’t expect performance like  Polaris Outlaw 110 from it.

So if you are on a budget Raptor 90 is a good choice. But the Polaris Outlaw 110 is definitely better than Raptor 90.


Is a Raptor 90 automatic?

Yes, Raptor 90 is fully automatic. There is no shifting with a fully automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). It’s a feature that all riders will appreciate, but entry-level riders will like it the most, and conventional reverse eases the Raptor 90’s maneuverability.

How can I make my 2021 Raptor 90 faster?

Remove the throttle cover from the handlebars by unscrewing it. Adjust the throttle stop screw to open up the throttle more, allowing you to travel faster. This easy way can make your Raptor 90 stand out in the crowd and make your machine more aggressive. 

Who makes the Polaris 110 engine?

While it is manufactured by the Taiwanese firm Aeon, a Polaris manufacturing partner. It is not in the same league as the dozens of knock-off ATVs that litter the classified pages. The Outlaw 110, on the other hand, is really deserving of the Polaris moniker.


Hope this article will help you to decide between Polaris Outlaw 110 vs Raptor 90. You just need to choose as per your requirement.

If there are any more queries please drop them in the comment section.

Till then happy riding!

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