6 Common Polaris Ranger 1000 Problems -Causes & Fixes

The Polaris Ranger 1000 ATV is susceptible to various problems like difficulty shifting in and out of gears. you may experience a loss of steering control, vehicle stalling out in reverse. The Ranger 1000 is also prone to issues like overheating and the drive belt breaking.

So, what are the causes of all these Polaris Ranger 1000 problems? And how do you fix them? In this article, we have got the correct answers to all your questions. 

Problems With The Polaris Ranger 1000 & Solutions Table

Below is a quick summary of the Ranger 1000 problems for different year models and how to fix them.

Polaris Ranger 1000- Model Year

Common Problems


2018OverheatingReplace the failing thermostat
Get rid of old coolant and replace it with a fresh one
2018 – present modelsHard shiftingAlign the clutch
Replace worn-out clutch bushing, shims, bearing, or the entire clutch
2020 – 2021Loss of steering controlContact the nearest authorized dealer
Broken drive belt The dealer should attach a bracket to the clutch outlet duct
Defective throttle pedalGet in touch with the dealer for a fix
2021Stalling out in reverseUnplug the backup light hooked to the plug at the back

What Are The Different Polaris Ranger 1000 Problems?

Polaris Ranger 1000XP Problem Fixing

Here’re the most common problems you may experience with your Polaris Ranger 1000.

1. Hard Shifting In and Out of Gear

This is a common issue with the 2018 and newer Polaris Ranger 1000 model, where the ATV is hard to shift. Sometimes, you may have to turn the vehicle off to shift the gears, and the clutch may feel jerky. You may also hear a clicking sound from the clutch.


A faulty clutch is the primary cause of shifting problems in the Ranger 1000. The clutch may not be properly aligned. Or the clutch bushing and bearing are unevenly worn out, making it challenging to shift the gears.


If your Polaris Ranger 1000 has gear-shifting problems, you must first ensure the clutch alignment is correct. Next, check if the clutch shims, bushing, and bearing are worn out and replace them.

If the issue persists, the best solution would be to replace the clutch with an aftermarket kit. In this case, the would be an excellent choice.

2. Loss of Steering Control

Polaris did issue a recall for some 2020 and 2021 Ranger 1000 due to steering control issues. This issue is also common in Ranger XP 1000 models. However, the number of affected vehicles globally is about 30.


The Polaris Ranger 1000 boasts upper and lower steering fasteners. These fixtures are designed to secure the steering shafts to the electric power steering motor. However, if they are not torqued correctly, the fasteners may lock the steering leading to loss of control.


For the Ranger 1000 models with steering control issues, Polaris advised owners to stop using the ATV. Then, contact an authorized dealer to get a service appointment so the problem can be fixed.

3. Drive Belt Problems

change/replace/inspect drive belt on Polaris Ranger XP 1000

Polaris also recalled some 2020-2021 Ranger 1000, Ranger Crew 1000, and PRO XD models. This is because the drive belt is prone to breaking while running. As a result, this may damage the inner clutch assembly and fuel line, leading to a fuel leak.


The cause of drive belt issues results from manufacturing defects.


To solve the drive belt issues, Polaris created a bracket to protect the vehicle’s fuel line if the belt breaks. This bracket joins to the clutch outlet duct, ensuring the fuel does not leak if the belt breaks.

4. Stalling Out In Reverse

With the 2021 Polaris Ranger 1000, your ATV may stall out in reverse while it is still new. It will also run roughly when cold or warmed up. However, it works well going forward.

You can watch this video to understand this particular issue better.


At the back of the ATV is a plug for adding a backup beeper. The plug has a low-voltage connection. So, if you install a backup light into the plug instead, your Ranger 1000 may stall when in reverse. Here is a picture of what the plug looks like:


If your 2021 Ranger has problems stalling out in reverse, you unplug the backup light.

5. Faulty Throttle Pedal

Due to throttle pedal issues, Polaris also recalled some 2020-2021 Ranger 1000 and other models. According to the manufacturer, the throttle pedal may stick in the depressed position when released. Or it may fail to return to the idle position quickly as expected, posing a crash hazard.


The throttle pedal issues are due to poor manufacturing defects with the software for adjusting the gear automatically.


You simply contact the nearest Polaris dealer. The dealer will fix the problem at no extra cost.

6. Overheating Issues

This is a common problem with the 2018 Ranger 1000 models. Your ATV may overheat during the summer and even shut off. Sometimes, it may even blow out the coolant. This may also occur when running the vehicle at high RPMs long distances.


The thermostat of your Ranger 1000 may get stuck in one setting due to aging or corrosion. When this occurs, it becomes impossible for the coolant to reach the radiator, leading to overheating problems.


The best solution for a bad thermostat is to replace it. After replacing the thermostat, you should flush out the old coolant and add a fresh one. The thermostat from Polaris will solve the overheating issues.


In this section, we will respond to commonly asked questions about the different Ranger 1000 problems. Check them out.

Is Polaris Ranger 1000 reliable considering its many problems?

Yes. Most of these problems occur over time as the Ranger 1000 ages. Besides, not all Polaris Ranger 1000 models experience the above problems.

Can I fix all the Ranger 1000 problems by myself?

Yes, but just a few such as stalling out of reverse, hard shifting, and overheating problems. As for the rest of the problems, you should only let the dealer fix them. 

Bottle Line

Whether you have a 2018 or 2021 Polaris Ranger 1000 model, this ATV is susceptible to various issues. Some year models have gear shifting and drive belt problems, while others may suffer from overheating issues. 

The good news is that all these Polaris Ranger 1000 problems can be fixed once you have determined their causes. For instance, you could replace the clutch or the thermostat if your vehicle is overheating.

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